Welcome, find here the information you'll need to use the Cibul Api

The Cibul API allows you to retrieve event data from the platform as well as publish your own events. To do so, you will need to create your own cibul account if you haven't already done so.

The Cibul event data is intended to be available under the conditions described by the ODC-ODbl license.

Table of Contents

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Fetching Data

The Cibul API can be used to retrieve detailed event content available on the Cibul Platform in the json format.

Here is a little walkthrough to get you started:

Publishing Data

The Api can be used to create, edit and delete events, locations and programs.

An authentication process needs to be followed, which follows the 2-legged form of the OAuth 2.0 standard: Using a secret key (which you never ever share with anyone), you start by getting an access token which you then attach to your requests to authenticate them.

Generating your own secret key from your cibul account is a feature that is activated by sending a request at the following email: gimmeanapikey@cibul.net

Once you have a valid access token, you can either handle locations, events or programs. Keep the following in mind:

To get you started, we suggest you